Getting an Early Start on a New Year’s Resolution

Well it’s once again that time of year when everyone starts talking about New Year’s resolutions, and thinking about resolutions they’ve kept and broken over the years. While I have never really personally put very much emphasis on New Year’s resolutions, I do suppose that I am not all to different from many other people in that I am continually evaluating what I’m doing and seeking ways to improve. I guess that is pretty much the same approach I have taken with my photography in the last year.

If I feel there is something that I could improve upon, or develop an internal desire to get better at something, I usually start it immediately. I guess that’s the same personal little quirk that my wife tells me makes it so hard for her to buy me a present, if I need or want something, I usually go out and get it.

It’s finally winter, and let me tell you I personally despise cold weather. However as a photographer I recognize the beauty that Mother Nature delivers with freshly-fallen snow. So I guess that’s a personal dilemma – how can a photographer who hates the cold as much as I do, go out and capture the splendor of winter!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday we went to visit family in New Hampshire, knowing full well that snow was in the forecast before we left our home in relatively-warmer Virginia. In addition to all the standard luggage and camera equipment that went into the car, we had to ensure we had enough room for boots, hats, gloves and of course heavy winter coats.

True to form, Mother nature began painting her canvas a brilliant shade of white, as the snow began to fall across New England the day before Thanksgiving. By nightfall, Exeter, New Hampshire – the town in which we were staying – must have had six inches of snow.

This wasn’t just garden-variety snow, as anyone who lives in a region where snowfall is a common occurrence can attest, there are several different types of snow – light-powdery snow, icy snow, and heavy-wet snow – each of which have their own positive and negative attributes. This was one of those heavy-wet snow falls, and I knew that it would make for beautiful pictures.

So my (early) New Year’s resolution – brave the cold which I despise so much so that I can capture beautiful photos. I decided that I would get up and head out before the sun came up in the hopes of capturing nature’s splendor under a blanket of freshly-fallen snow.

I was successful, and while I am still working though countless images I am very pleased with my results. I really do hope that I can stick to this resolution when Virginia gets its first snowfall this year.

A fresh blanket of snow coats the trees, and lines the banks of the Squamscott River as it flows through Exeter, New Hampshire on Thanksgiving morning. © Wayne V. Hall, all rights reserved.

© Wayne V. Hall, all rights reserved.

A fresh blanket of snow coats the trees, and lines the banks of the Squamscott River as it flows through Exeter, New Hampshire on Thanksgiving morning.

“With all art expression, when something is seen, it is a vivid experience, sudden,
compelling, and inevitable.” ― Ansel Adams, Examples: The Making of 40 Photographs




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