The learning process continues

While I have spent years working as a professional photojournalist, including several years working as an editor – of both newspapers and magazines – I have found that even I still have much more to learn. I am beginning to thing that the human capacity for learning, and desire to do so, is nearly limitless; although it I do believe that desire is entirely dependent upon the level of one’s passion.

I have set myself on a glide path towards working for myself, full time, as a photographer and graphic designer (or artist if you will). This path includes goals and targets, but it also includes the exploration of new ideas and techniques that I have not previously considered or had the opportunity to explore.

This past year has been amazing. For me it began with setting in motion the official steps to establish a footprint for my business. In February I joined  Professional Photographers of America,  and began to realize the wealth of benefits and resources that PPA offers.

Soon after, I joined the Northern Virginia Professional Photographers Association, an aspiring PPA affiliate in Northern Virginia dedicated to progressive photographers in the Northern Virginia and the Washington DC area. NVPPA serves as a photography mentoring group to advance the education and professional development of photographers, aspiring photographers, and serious enthusiasts – that provides technical and business training through its speakers and programs, as well as photography competitions.

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to grow even more by attending the PPA’s annual Imaging USA photographic convention, expo and image exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee – February 1-3, 2105. Dating back to 1880, when it began as the annual convention and trade show for PPA, the event is always growing and evolving. The three-day event features an Imaging EXPO trade show, several all-inclusive parties and presentations by some of the biggest names in the photographic industry. Imaging USA’s renowned educational classes are geared to improve a photographer’s business skills, photographic repertoire and use of technologies.

In addition to the things I’ve learned from participation in both these organizations, I have also gained many new ideas and techniques through my interactions and networking with other professional photographers and artists. All this is helping me to grow and develop concepts that I intend to incorporate into my business as I continue on my path.

Recently while visiting family in New Hampshire, I became inspired to concentrate more effort on capturing photographs of details which can serve as interesting pieces of art for lovers of unique images.

Lighting the Way  Ode to the Creator (wide) Ode to the Creator (close)


Winter Church

 “To the complaint, ‘There are no people in these photographs,’ I respond, there are
always two people: the photographer and  the viewer.” ― Ansel Adams


3 responses to “The learning process continues

  1. The more I learn, shows me the enormity that I have yet to learn. I have just recently picked up photography, and boy do I have a lot to learn. I agree that photography is art, and the photographer is the artist that knows ow to bring a picture to life. I so admire people that excel at his skill. Another thing that I admire is the community that is willing to help others learn.

    • Julie,

      Thank you for sharing. I believe the day I feel I have nothing left to learn, is the day I need to hang things up. I used to jump out of airplanes when I was in the Army, and people used to ask me all the time, “aren’t you a little nervous when you jump?” To which I would always replay “every time, the day I am no longer nervous it’s time to stop because that’s when you have become overconfident!”

      You may feel you are not ready yet, but when you, I have found that Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is great place to grow.

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