Nearly overwhelmed in search of true digital organization

I am currently living in a multi-tasked’s dream world. Since I made the move to start my business I have been trying to get everything in order, while trying to find and accomplish work. Sure, it all sounds easy enough … until you really dig into it.

I’ve been doing work in the fields of photography and graphic design for nearly 30 years; owned and used more than my fair share of cameras, computers and software platforms. However it wasn’t until the past few months that I realized how much I have done over that time.

I no that I am about to date myself here, but when I first started in this field, very few people actually owned their own computers and digital photography was all but a futuristic dream. When I started on my very first Army newspaper in 1989, we were still laying it out by hand — typeset copy that we had to provide the typesetter with column specs for; hot-lead pressed headlines and half-tones for photos that we had to have scaled and sized to fit the layout. I discovered that the office had “Aldus PageMaker” — the predecessor to Adobe PageMaker and then InDesign — sitting on a shelf in the box and, well the rest as they say is history.

Through the years I have been acquiring digital files on my computer that have simply grown as more have been added. Earlier this year I upgraded my Mac Pro from the old, big aluminum, Mac Pro. In doing so I had to move the internal SATA hard drives into an external hard drive enclosure. Since that time I have been consolidating and archiving nearly 5 TBs of files. I am completely amazed at how many times I had saved the same photo with a different name, and in a different location.

This process continues, but I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel … I just hope it isn’t really a train.

I did however, manage to stumble across some “gems” that I haven’t even looked at in years. So I am really looking forward to pulling these images out and seeing what I can make of them. I did take a little time over the weekend to play around with a couple, so I think I’ll share those “works in progress here.”

Ruins“Barboursville” — the ruins of the mansion of James Barbour in Barboursville, Virginia.

Cool Rose“Cool Rose” — Proof that nature is truly beautiful and complexity in its simplest form.

“In Wisdom gathered over time I have found that every experience is a form of exploration.” ― Ansel Adams




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